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Now that you’ve said “Yes” it’s time to start the journey to “I do.” I know you’re excited about diving into the planning process, but if you’re like most couples, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed, too. That’s where I come in!



When I was in your shoes, I was extremely overwhelmed with all the decisions that needed to be made. Right when I was ready to go to the courthouse, I met my wedding coordinator, Kathy. She was the first person to tell me this season in my life, as a bride, should be cherished and not filled with stress. She was my saving grace leading up to the big day, but Kathy also allowed me to be a bride and enjoy my wedding day. I never worried about what time flowers were arriving or if the cake actually got delivered, because I knew she handled it. She was by my side the whole day, whether it was giving me a break from holding my heavy bouquet or fixing my veil. She even cleaned up my decor and put it all in one area at the end of the night. Looking back on my wedding day, I have realized more brides need a Kathy. So here I am, ready to be your Kathy!

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